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The Great Reset King

May 5, 2023

“There is a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis…global crises know no borders, and highlight how interdependent we are as one people sharing one planet,” the former Prince of Wales said during a World Economic Forum summit in January 2021. Ironic for the king of England to speak on an opportunity to […]

The UK has a Refugee Problem

August 19, 2022

Migrants are risking their lives by boarding small boats to cross the English Channel to the UK. Over 600 people on 14 ships reached Britain last Saturday alone. About 1,843 illegal immigrants crossed into the UK in 2019, but that number quickly multiplied to 28,526 in 2021. Now, the nation is bracing for 60,000 undocumented […]

British Elections are a Warning to Democrats

December 16, 2019

  I have been warning that our computer has been projecting the decline and fall of socialism. Moreover, we have pointed out that the Democrats are actually in a long-term protracted bear market and ever since the first election of FDR in the Great Depression, they have been making lower highs and deeper lows. That […]

The British Election – Socialists Lose Big Time

December 13, 2019

Conservatives are now in full control of Parliament, and Britain took one major step closer to leaving the European Union. The socialist Jeremy Corbyn said he would not lead the Labour Party in another election. All the hype about socialism and how they have been so vocal has resulted in what our computer has been […]

Brexit & Generations

December 10, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Martin I live in the UK and I’m thinking “Is there anyone out there that thinks the same way as I do about Brexit..??? Because no one on TV or in the media look at the Brexit situation like I do…?? However. Every single person I speak to. “Do actually agree with what […]

BREXIT & Pound Rally

December 7, 2019

One of the major distinctions is how politics has degenerated into who knows what, all we need to do is look at BREXIT and the chaos of the British elections come the 13th. We have never seen an election where former prime ministers have intervened to disrupt an election as they have this time around. […]

Britain GDP Has been declining ever since joining the EU

November 26, 2019

REQUEST: Hi Martin, I trust you are well. Would you post the chart you showed of how the UK has performed since joining the EU? I’ve been ploughing through your emails but am unable to find it. In short, I want to show my partners son the chart, who is a vehement ‘remainer’. Ie, evidence […]

BREXIT Vote Delayed – Democracy Has Fallen

October 19, 2019

Once upon a time, if you voted against someone like Obama or Tony Blair in Britain, you simply accepted your loss and moved on. Those days are indeed properly for story books which begin – “Once Upon a Time.” This is not something which is unique to Britain. We are beginning to see the collapse […]

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