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BRICS to Replace the Dollar?

July 6, 2023

  The goldbugs cling to everything they can to promote gold at the destruction of the dollar. They are pushing the idea that China, Russia, and other BRICS countries are developing a dollar alternative. The truth of the matter is that is more fiction. Even India’s foreign minister S. Jaishankar came out and said, “There […]

Romania & Moldavia

May 20, 2023

QUESTION: Can you add Romania and Moldavia currencies to Socrates? I greatly appreciate your response to Gold. HR ANSWER: Yes, we will add them. I hope I translated your question correctly. If there are other currencies people want to add, drop a request.   The post Romania & Moldavia first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

FIAT – What is it Really!

April 2, 2023

QUESTION: Governments create their own sovereign fiat currency, to facilitate trade, among other reasons. So counterfeit is punishable, in some countries, by death, & at minimum, incarceration. Currency is supposed to be sacrosanct, created under the most exacting conditions. So what to do when your own gov’t engages in what is essentially officially endorsed counterfeit? […]

Forex Trading into 2021

October 14, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I have been following you for about 5 years now and have been to 2 WECs. At the beginning of last year, I ventured into the forex markets with limited experience and some speculative money. I’ve have been adding money to my forex accounts over this time and thanks to you and […]

The Rumor of a Currency Reset & Gold

September 25, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Marty! Thanks for all your great work, I’ve been following you for many years and you are a true inspiration. I have some questions about the precious metals market. There has been some talk about a “monetary reset” in the future, how do you see it play out and what role do you […]

All Money is Backed Even Today!

September 20, 2019

QUESTION:  Hi AE, et al. Your blogs not only inform, but are actually entertaining as they give most of us a point of view we’ve never before contemplated. My question….you have stated numerous times that one of the reasons the Roman government survived for 100’s of years is because they simply created currency, as needed, […]

Gold in Currencies

September 2, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Marty, I have a question about Gold & Silver in other currencies – namely GBP. Accepting your rational, with evidence I must say, that precious metals are a reflection of the confidence people have in their countries currency, you can see from the price of gold & silver in GBP and EURO that […]

The Gold Standard Fell As All Currency Pegs Do

August 21, 2019

COMMENT: Dear Marty, In your recent blog about BREXIT, and. “Remainers acting in self-interest”, you produced an ONS graph showing UK’s growth rates before and after joining the EU (previously known as the Common Market), and concluded: “Britain has NEVER received a fair deal since joining the EU”. Surely you have overlooked a groundbreaking event […]

What Makes Currencies Rise & Fall in Value?

August 15, 2019

QUESTION: What makes currencies rise & fall in value? CC ANSWER: Many people want to reduce this to a logical explanation. It reminds me of when I testified before Congress at the House Ways & Means Committee. They had to put me on a panel with academics. I told them to make me last. The […]

World View v Domestic & Why It Has Been Always Wrong

May 28, 2019

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong, I want to thank you for I listened to the forecasts of analysts who said Europe and Emerging Markets were the best places to invest because the US was overpriced and would crash. I was introduced to you by a friend. I listened. I cut my losses and switched to the domestic […]

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