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Comey was Protecting Obama as Well

July 6, 2018

  Hillary used a private email because that would not be “discoverable” without a subpoena of her personally. Her fundraising for the Clinton Foundation was all protected by her private emails and it allowed her to solicit money from foreign governments. As soon as she lost, the funding stopped. The revelations from the Inspector General […]

Yes, More Electors Abandoned Hillary in the Electoral College

January 2, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I really do not understand this electoral college in the United States. Why does the popular vote not count? Then I heard that more electors abandoned Hillary rather than Trump. Thank You from European Disneyland JH ANSWER: It is very simple. The EU has member states and each is really its own […]

Destroying the Global Political Economy

December 23, 2016

QUESTION: Well Marty, I am actually baffled at what is happening in the United States. First, the demonstrations, the recount, the campaign to derail the electoral college vote, the continuous blaming of Russia, the fake news furore et al… Is this the end of the United States as we know it? Are Obama, Clinton and co […]

Hillary Blames Huma Abedin for E-mail Scandal

December 17, 2016

The Clintons will never accept responsibility for anything. Now they are blaming Huma Abedin for the Hillary’s lost election. Vanity Fair reported that one campaign insider commented, “[Abedin] was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion. She enjoyed being a celebrity too much.” Obama blamed Putin for revealing the truth about the […]

Was Our System the Only One Correct or Were They Falsifying the Polls?

December 5, 2016

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I was told by a friend that you forecast BREXIT and Trump and was the only one in the world to do so. I’ve been fascinated reading your site, particularly your discussion of Trump’s likelihood of winning when the polls and people gave him little chance. Can you possibly explain just how […]

Foreign Governments Cutting off Funding for Hillary

November 23, 2016

Hillary supporters claimed that the Clinton Foundation was an innocent, “charitable” organization. On his proposed first day to “Drain the Swamp,” Trump will impose a LIFETIME BAN ON LOBBYING FOR FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. Numerous foreign governments handed money to the Clintons purely for “influence.” The corruption with Norway’s link to the Clinton Foundation extended to Obama. This […]

If the Electoral College Voted for Hillary

November 22, 2016

  The proposal that the Electoral College should have voted for Hillary, thereby undermining the Constitutional structure of state v federal rights, was very serious. It demonstrates just how corrupt her followers can be willing to destroy everything to force their way upon the whole. This proposal would have destroyed the entire Constitution, and Hillary would have […]

American Civil Unrest Keying to Election

November 8, 2016

I heard from behind the curtain that a coup is developing inside the intelligence and law enforcement divisions to stop the Clinton Machine. I cannot vouch for the video going around as to its veracity. What I can say is that my own sources, who are separate and not involved in this video, have been warning […]

Voting Fraud in Texas

November 5, 2016

Numerous stories are coming in from Texas stating that early voting machines are changing Republican votes to Clinton. This is not a single conspiracy — early voting fraud is becoming a widespread complaint in Texas. This is going to be a contested election for sure. Our models are showing November as an important turning point. […]

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