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It’s All Just Propaganda

September 13, 2023

QUESTION: Do you think it is impossible for anyone to forecast a market from a personal opinion perspective? I have followed your long-term forecasts and they have been amazing. But that is Socrates not you individually. Correct? FD ANSWER: Of course! Nobody, alive or dead, can forecast the future of any market or economy from […]

Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus

September 11, 2023

COMMENT: Marty, I read the post where they said they needed to find you a 23-year-old wife so she will keep you active so you can continue to blog. I am over 40, and things have changed. Yes, there is an abundant supply of 23 to 33-year-olds. But they only want arrangements and hookups, not […]

The Greatest Threat is Always from Within

August 30, 2023

QUESTION: Do you think the Neocons are more dangerous than Russia or China? DK ANSWER: Absolutely. In Chess, you face your adversary. You know your enemy, and you try to unravel his strategy. In geopolitics, the greatest danger is always the enemy within your own ranks. For a handful of silver, it was a Greek […]

The Massive Online Frauds Are Pouring In From Many Companies

August 19, 2023

The number of frauds coming in is endless. One is claiming to be the Post Office, and you must log in and pay $5 to get your package. The GEEK Squad is a popular one. I even get them from pretending to be FedEx and CVS. They typically say your card will be charged like […]

Someone to Put a Smile on Your Face

August 6, 2023

  COMMENT: Marty, the word is out. You got another dog. A puppy that has put a smile on your face, I hear. Is it true their names are Napoleon & Josephine? KG REPLY: Yes, Kevin. Josy has green eyes. She is so loving, she has to kiss you all the time. Yes, they put […]


April 16, 2023

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, You are renowned for your sources. You said the IMF was planning to replace the dollar with its own international digital currency. You targeted Ukraine a year before anyone heard of the country. You said Ukraine was losing the war and they had lost 100,000 troops when people said that was Russian […]

A Message from the Lost Generation

April 15, 2023

COMMENT: I am a Millennial, a demographic that never had an opportunity to succeed in America. The existential trauma began in middle school when our teachers huddled us into a room to watch the Twin Towers burn down in real time. We do not remember life before the Patriot Act or school shooter drills. The […]

Kazakhstan – NATO & The ECM into 2032

January 10, 2022

There is a confrontation in the wind. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister and special negotiator in the US-Russia talks in Geneva, bluntly states that NATO can no longer “push” Russia to a minor role in European and international politics. NATO must return to the borders of 1997. Russia is blaming the US for the […]

Davos Today

January 21, 2020 QUESTION: Marty, you are not in Davos? KS ANSWER: No, too cold right now. I have people there who provide anything critical from behind the curtain. There is nothing I can say that would be important that anyone would actually do more than listen. I have said many times, there is NOTHING we can […]

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