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WEC 2023 – The Road to 2032

September 24, 2023

We are rapidly approaching 2032, where there will be the real Great Reset. We can all now “feel” 2032 coming. Our computer has made forecasts that no human being could have possibly made on such a consistent basis. Sure, someone can luck out and claim to have forecast one thing, but so many consistently is […]

Tickets Available for the 2023 World Economic Conference

September 7, 2023

Join Us at the 2023 World Economic Conference in Orlando, Florida! Dates: November 17, 18, and 19 Location: Orlando, Florida, USA (or tune in from home with our virtual ticket options) Are you ready to unlock the future of economics and finance? Prepare for an unforgettable World Economic Conference experience in sunny Orlando, Florida! This […]

Interest Rates and the Great Global Crisis

January 22, 2020

COMMENT: I attended your 2016 WEC and I thought you would be wrong that interest rates would rise and the whole big bang thing. Rates have risen only in the US, the pension crisis is clearly unfolding, and states have been going bust. Now there is the Repo Crisis and I did buy the report. […]

WEC Tickets – Verifying if We Have Seats Available

October 5, 2019

Orlando WEC October 25-26, 2019 We have a number of people who buy the tickets to get all the materials but do not actually fly to the United States to attend. We are trying to work out how many seats we may have available. We were trying to keep the audience smaller this year, but […]

WEC Our 40th Year Anniversary

September 20, 2019

Interest rates are already going nuts. There is dissent in the European Central Bank; Draghi is being replaced. The Canadian elections are a few weeks away. Metals are raising the hopes of many, while the currencies are trapped in a maze of uncertainty. The Bank of England is saying Brexit should not be delayed. US-China […]

What to Expect at the 2019 WEC This Year

August 25, 2019

QUESTION: Since we are nearing the turn in the ECM in January, will the focus be on how to position oneself for the next wave covering bonds, commodities, share markets, and currencies? You can smell this Monetary Crisis Cycle coming and the Sovereign Debt Crisis in the air. Has such a convergence ever taken place […]

WEC 2019 Orlando – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door or the Big Fake Out?

July 17, 2019

This year’s WEC is extremely important as we now approach the turn in the Economic Confidence Model come January 2020. Two critical patterns are possible — a 2020 low and rally thereafter, or a 2020 high with respect to the share markets. Meanwhile, we face the biggest Bond Bubble in the history of civilization. The […]

Cycles & Turning Points

May 9, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong; Rome was fantastic!. I find it very interesting that you hold the conference on the dates when the markets hit their peak and I come back and Monday we start the decline that you cautioned us that we could see at the conference. Was this planned:)? Cycles are amazing and now […]

The Fate of Europe

April 23, 2019

QUESTION: Marty; Your capital flow models have been remarkable. Do you see Europe as ever getting its act together? We need support to get decisions approved as you know. Will you provide that for us to present to the men above? Thanks. Nice to see you in Europe. Rome should be great at this time […]

The Perfect Financial Storm

March 29, 2019

COMMENT: Martin, Have read the two blogs on the Emerging Markets. Hit like a cold bucket of ice water. Knew something was coming from all your writings and the EMC, but Wow. Right in front of us. Here is an observation, a thought: Emerging Markets could turn out to be the Sub-Prime of this new […]

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