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Australia Fires – Nature or Global Warming?

By admin / January 15, 2020

QUESTION: Hello Martin, I have been following your blog for a number of years and enjoy your more analyzed perspective on climate change. I am not fully convinced man [that] is causing the changes and I’d like to hear your opinion about the Australian fires. Living here in and amongst the carnage of the fires […]


Australians Losing All Freedoms to Socialism

By admin / November 26, 2019

QUESTION: I live in Australia but seriously considering living elsewhere as our freedoms continue to be eroded, our economy artificially supports to stop property prices corrected as top 4 banks carry estimate 80% exposure, etc, etc. I love living in Sydney beaches for climate, beaches + surf, incredible quality of raw ingredients for food and […]


Government Raid Australian Press to Impose Censorship

By admin / October 22, 2019

We have lost all of our freedoms, we are just too busy to take notice. The pretend whistleblower against Trump was orchestrated by Democrats to create an issue for 2020 to impeach Trump. The real whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has to live in Russia for they would imprison him under Treason. In Australia, a whistleblower exposure […]


Australia Police Now Confiscate Loose Coins in Cars

By admin / September 20, 2019

I have heard what I thought was every excuse for governments to raise taxes and seize money, but this is one I quite honestly thought was something too low for even the police. New South Wales police have come up with the most bizarre excuse to rob your money I have ever heard of. They […]


Australia Lowers Rate to Historic Low of 1%

By admin / July 3, 2019

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the official cash rate for the second month in a row to 1%. As we head into the turning point of the Economic Confidence Model come January 2020, the unemployment rate increased to 5.2% in April. GDP growth remains very low at 0.4%, wage growth is sluggish, inflation […]


Australian Conservatives Win by Thin Margin

By admin / May 20, 2019

Australia’s center-right government won a surprise victory over the left. Voters backed the center-right government in a slowing economy for another three years and rejected the opposition’s progressive agenda, which has been pretty out there at times. Despite trailing in most opinion polls for years, Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition won by attacking Labor’s pledge to […]


Australia: One Foot in Asia v the West

By admin / February 15, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Martin Armstrong, Australia seems to have one foot in the West and one in the East. With the fall of the Western economies and then the rise of Asian economies, how does that affect the Australian economy? Does the real estate bubble collapse the Aussie economies and then the rise of China creates the […]


Yellow Vest Movement Spreads to Australia & Poland

By admin / January 9, 2019

We are witnessing the Yellow Vest Movement now also spreading to Australia. We are seeing the rise there and in Canada also against Fake News that the media is desperately fighting Trump on who now label him an idiot in headlines. We are also witnessing a backlash against taking in the Muslim claimed refugees from Syria […]


Victoria Australia Elections Overthrow the Conservatives in Surprise Election Result

By admin / November 25, 2018

  The Trump Revolution is unfolding everywhere. It is NOT a philosophy left or right – it is just drain-the-swamp and throw out whoever is in power. The Labor government in the Australian state of Victoria won an unexpectedly large majority in an election. We will also see this manifest into the national elections warning that Australia’s […]

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