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Spain Demonstrates to the World Democracy Means Nothing

October 28, 2017

  The Madrid government sacked Catalonia’s president and dismissed its parliament on Friday, hours after the region declared itself an independent nation in Spain’s gravest political crisis since the return of democracy four decades ago. The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who seems to think he has the power of Franco, called for new elections and […]

Catalonia is not Just About Spain – it is About Brussels!!

October 23, 2017

There are of course those in Spain who side against Catalonia. Others write who are in Catalonia yet disagree with the separatists. Let me make this very clear. It is the government of Rajoy who has acted abusively, and this is all about protecting Brussels and federalizing Europe behind everyone’s back. Rajoy should have allowed […]

Rajoy Continues to Act in the Spirit of Franco Warning Spain Cannot be Trusted?

October 22, 2017

Spain is showing that it truly remains a fascist state in the spirit of Franco and Rajoy plans to just seize Catalonia. Meanwhile, the Catalan citizens’ movement, Assemblea Nacional, is calling on all Catalans to withdraw all their money as much as possible from one of the five largest Spanish banks to increase pressure on Madrid, These […]

ECB Worried Who Will Buy Government Debt if they Stop?

October 18, 2017

  According to RELIABLE sources behind the curtain, the crisis in Spain led to a significant amount of selling Spanish debt to the European Central Bank (ECB) which has meanwhile swelled to 2.3 trillion Euro. There are problems now emerging in Italy and the appetite for government debt at low rates is not as strong […]

Finally Belgium Speaks Out Against Spanish Oppression

October 16, 2017

The Belgium Prime minister Charles Michel has come out against Spain and now other European leaders applaud him for taking a position against the repressive action by Spain’s Civil Guard and National Police despite the fact that those in Brussels remain silent because they care only about their own jobs. Brussels has been silent fearing […]

Madrid Threatens Imprisonment & Death to Catalonia Leaders?

October 11, 2017

  The Spanish Government is clearly fascist and cannot escape that stigma. The day before the appearance of Carles Puigdemont in front of the regional parliament of Catalonia, the Madrid government has come out and warned of serious bodily threats that one would expect only from a dictator – not an elected democratic government. Prime […]

Madrid Waged Cyber-War & Catalonia Votes Overwhelmingly to Leave Spain

October 7, 2017

Catalonia voted overwhelmingly to secede from Spain. Of course, the hard line invasion of riot police who beat and threatened the people discouraged many from showing up with the turnout being only 43%. The fascist government in Spain has demonstrated to the entire world that there is a major country risk in dealing with Spain. Any […]

Spanish & Italian Bonds Hit

October 2, 2017

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; the Spanish and Italian bonds are getting hit. You were spot on again. RW REPLY:  Yes the peripheral spreads on the Spanish government bonds (at 10yrs) are 8bp wider than Friday close. Italy is also widening – out by 6bp but still early in the trading day just yet. The Spanish IBEX is […]

Google Supporting Tyranny?

October 1, 2017

Google has blocked an app that shows where to vote for “political reasons” (via @mandineSanchez) — Tim Pool (@Timcast) October 1, 2017 Anyone who supports the Spanish Madrid government is no different than those who supported the Kings of England and France during the American and French Revolutions. Google picks the wrong side. Does […]

Spain Reveals EU Does Not Stand For Human Rights & Making Revolution Inevitable

October 1, 2017

The Spanish state police violence have turned against the people showing that they are clearly still a fascist reign supported by troops. Riot officers have been firing rubber bullets at crowds protesting in a Barcelona street, sending people running for cover. Countless are injured. This demonstrates that Spain is not a place for investment and one […]

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