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Feinstein Died Wealthy – Insider Trading and Lobbying Must End

October 4, 2023

Dianne Feinstein adhered to Hillary Clinton’s suggestion to die in office to save her seat for another Democrat. Feinstein earned about $200,000 annually as a public servant. And yet, she died a wealthy woman with an extensive real estate portfolio. Lobbyists should be illegal. Their sole purpose is to bribe our elected officials in order […]

Pentagon Study Finds Old Threat

September 20, 2023

Funded by the Pentagon, the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division published its annual report to note potential risks to national security. RAND researchers found that aging politicians may be a danger to the US. “Taken together, we believe that an increasing number of cleared personnel — that is, personnel who hold or have held […]

Ramaswamy Pledges to Cut Government by 75%

September 19, 2023

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has pledged to cut the federal government by 75% if elected president. In fact, he said he wants to reorganize the entire federal government. Ramaswamy is confident he can cut the size of government in half during his first term, followed by an additional quarter during his second. This is […]

Senior Citizen of the Silent Generation Seeks 20th Term

September 12, 2023

Most of the people in charge of the US are too old to function. Nancy Pelosi announced that she plans to seek re-election to the House of Representative in 2024. This would be Pelosi’s TWENTIETH term. The top insider trader in the nation has done absolutely nothing during her time in politics. So why should […]

Democrats and Republicans Agree – Biden is Too Old for Office

August 31, 2023

Biden mumbles through every teleprompter script he’s forced to read. He is clearly suffering from a severe cognitive decline, and yet, his administration want to keep him in office. I believe this comes down more to cognitive functions rather than age, as Trump is considered an older candidate but extremely sharp. A new poll published […]

Fetterman and Biden – Why We Need Cognitive Tests for Politicians

June 21, 2023

@okiepatriot1776♬ original sound – okiepatriot 76 I-95, a major roadway going through Philadelphia, collapsed. People were understandably concerned and looked to their elected officials for answers. I cannot imagine a more inept team than Biden and Fetterman. Some joke and mock the two men, but if you step back and really look at what is […]

Republics & the Death of Democracy Drowning in Corruption

December 12, 2019

COMMENT: Martin, The Death of Democracy is alive and well here in Seattle. A statewide initiative I-976 to limit Washington car tabs to $30 has just passed with a large majority. In less than 24 hours Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkan has already announced a lawsuit against it with support from King County Executive Dow Constantine. […]

Capitalism v Hybrid Capitalism

September 27, 2019

COMMENT: Every ISM has failed. Maybe we are seeing the twilight of Capitalism. China is a hybrid. Maybe that is why it will be the next world power. CM REPLY: People confuse capitalism with corruption. Capitalism is your freedom to choose. Corruption is when republics are available for sale to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, the […]

Playing with the Facts to Fool the Majority

September 27, 2019

QUESTION: What do you say about the difference between corporate socialism and democratic socialism. Thank you. Its all the buzz among those supporting Senator Elizabeth Warren. LP ANSWER: This is a very clever way of excusing the core issue. The Democrats preach raising taxes and then sell loopholes to the big corporations. The bankers donated […]