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The Mystery of Pi

By admin / January 21, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong, I just encountered this video.: Can you explain why Pi is showing up there? Thanks and kind regards, M       ANSWER: No. I have come to believe that Pi is strangely the key to all knowledge upon which the entire universe was constructed. The sun’s light takes about 8.6 minutes to reach […]


PRIVATE BLOG – January 21st

By admin / January 18, 2019

PRIVATE BLOG – January 21st Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit


Rigging the Markets

By admin / January 9, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I really want to thank you. You have opened the door to show that there is a hidden order that the great unwashed are unable to see. Not only did you say the Dow was not breaking out at the October high, but you even got the day of the low on […]


Plunge Protection Myths = Keynesian Economic Myths

By admin / January 4, 2019

QUESTION: What about what China did by buying stocks a few years ago to stop the hang sang from dropping LW ANSWER: Do not confuse attempts to support a market from actually being able to do so. This is the same as Keynesian economics that government could prevent recessions. Larry Summers admitted the government cannot even […]


Why do Cycles Work?

By admin / December 28, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your analysis is really remarkable. When the Dow was making new highs in October you said it was not breaking out. Then you said it would correct to retest the monthly support. You even warned that the bulk of the decline was always before the holiday as fears would grow for what […]


The Business Cycle & the Suicide Rate

By admin / November 30, 2018

  The press is all abuzz about the suicide rate is up 33% in 20 years and they blame the lack of funding as if this alone will cure the problem. They never seem to simply correlate this with economics. Now we have more than 47,000 Americans committed suicide in 2017, according to the Centers […]


Forget the Doom & Gloom – It’s Not That Bad

By admin / October 25, 2018

QUESTION: Martin, I know things are dark, but you are becoming down right gloomy. If the world is falling apart in Austrialia, Europe, Japan and ultimately the USA, there must be somewhere, or somewheres, the computer says things will be great in, or get better in. Where to go now? China right now, no thank you. […]


It’s the Inter-connectivity that is the Key

By admin / October 9, 2018

QUESTION: Hello Mr Armstrong, I read your blog since many years (i live in France) and i’m really impressed by Socrates … You have said that the $ will going to rise against the € and it’s exactly what’s happened !! You have said that the Dow Jones will rise into 26 000 points and will […]


Napoleon – War – Sunspots & Human Excitability

By admin / October 8, 2018

COMMENT: I love when you educate us about the weather, especially the cycles. the NAPOLEON story killed me !!! I’m a french and believe me, nobody talked in school about the weather cycles when he tried to fight Russia and lost everything. I read 3 times your chart which plots the temperatures and the cycle initiated […]


Cyclical Synchronization & the Global Economy Make Manipulation Impossible

By admin / September 1, 2018

  A metronome is an instrument to measure the time and that the musicians use for their work. One of the most curious phenomena is observed when different metronomes that have a different frequency between themselves end up synchronizing perfectly. This symbolizes what I find so fascinating in the world economy. No nation stands alone. […]

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