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Venice – The Longest Republic but it hard its Dark Side

June 24, 2024

COMMENT: Marty, Hope you’re doing well. I just returned from a trip to Venice, Italy, and a local tour guide informed me of the following about the Venetian Republic, some of which is similar and some of which is slightly different than what you’ve mentioned in the past: 1.  it was the longest-lasting republic in […]

Trying to Save the Future – Redesigning Government

April 8, 2024

It took the Roman Empire about 314 years (Pi) to realize that it was just too big and complicated for one man to rule. The Tetrarchy was the system instituted by Roman emperor Diocletian (284-305AD) in 293 AD to govern the Empire by dividing it between two emperors, the augusti (presidents), and their junior colleagues […]

Deep State wants Absentee Presidents

February 12, 2024

I think we’ve reached a time where it’s no longer character assassination to ask legitimate questions about the President’s competency. There are so many decisions that require nuance, that require complex levels of thinking and that those kind of issues are coming at you many… — Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) February 9, 2024 […]

Useless Bureaucracy Example – Golden Gate Bridge Nets

December 13, 2023

Government mismanagement comes at a high cost. We saw Argentina’s new president slash half of the useless federal administrations this week on his first day in office.  Governments are incompetent to run even a gumball machine. These agencies come into the fold, create useless regulations, dish out contracts to their connections, and nothing gets done. […]

We have the Stupidest People in Government in History

December 11, 2023

  The Biden Administration’s stupidity mandating that those in the military submit to this worthless experiment MRNA vaccine or be dishonorably discharged has resulted in not just a shortage of pilots. Still, there has been a dramatic increase in heart problems among those who surrendered their human rights and took the vaccine. Heart problems have […]

Chuck Schummer is a Threat to the World

December 8, 2023

The Republicans have blocked funding for Ukraine, demanding restraints on the unrelenting onslaught of illegal aliens. Chuck Schumer has put out the propaganda that will risk everything the world has worked for since World War II. The Democrats are on board with the Neocons. The only way they can continue this insane agenda as we […]

New Zealand -WEF Favorite & the First to Fall?

December 4, 2023

COMMENT: RE: New Zealand Whistleblower Dear Martin, I live in Wellington, New Zealand. A government town, I guess New Zealand’s version of DC on a much smaller scale. I have worked for and with the government here up to the highest level and can attest to witnessing some of the corruption and ineptitude in the […]

Comments from New Zealand

December 3, 2023

COMMENT #1: Hi, with regards to your recent post about the arrested healthcare worker in New Zealand. he brought to light that certain batches of the vaccine were extremely dangerous. Compared to others. He has all the data about the batches and who gave certain vaccines. Raising to light that certain individuals saw 20% of […]

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